Noord expands its e-bike subscription service to Berlin, Cologne and Düsseldorf

Exciting news! The Dutch e-bike company Noord expands their services in Germany. From September on, the flexible e-bike subscription will also be available for consumers and medium and small businesses located in Berlin, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Continue reading to find out more about our story and unique offer.

This is Noord

The Noord e-bike was launched in 2021 by the makers of e-bike to go, a company with one clear mission: improve life in and around the city. With this in mind, we started with the development of a future-proof e-bike that is not only durable, but also user friendly, safe and good looking. After months of testing, we launched our first e-bike called Noord.

What makes Noord special

With the development of the e-bike itself, we weren’t quite finished. We carefully thought about the services that come along with it. What do customers value most in an e-bike?

The answer was simple: a flexible e-bike subscription, including damage and theft coverage and repair services. We want to provide our riders the freedom to lease just as long as they want or need to. Besides, with this leasing plan we take away the worries that normally come along with owning a bike, like repairs and theft.

Today, more than 10.000 riders use Noord for commuting, food delivery and as an alternative to traditional transportation.

Hello Berlin, Cologne and Düsseldorf

We are proud to say that from September on, Noord will also be available in Germany for private use and medium and small businesses. We will start off in Berlin, Cologne and Dusseldorf. Everyone in these cities can sign up and enjoy all the benefits of Noord. Whether you use Noord for commuting, delivery services for your business or also in your spare time – this e-bike will amplify you.

What do we offer?

Noord offers a flexible e-bike plan that is actually flexible. That means: no contract you can’t get out of, hidden costs or other flies in the ointment. Starting from only €21,50 per week for a 6 month plan and €23,50 for a flexible plan.

Sign up now and you will get:

  • Your own e-bike with state of the art features
    Equipped with Shimano’s most powerful mid-mounted engine, ultra grip tires, two brakes (front and back), built-in ABS and GPS. All parts are selected to provide you a safe ride!
  • Maintenance and swap service
    Damage or a flat tire? No stress. We swap your e-bike for a new one so you can keep on riding.
  • Damage and theft coverage
    Add damage and/or theft coverage to your subscription and ride care-free.
  • Free home delivery
    We deliver the e-bike to your home at a date and time that fits your needs.
  • A personal MyBike account
    To check the location of your e-bike in real time, make appointments and get in touch with our support team.

Are you excited to get your own Noord? Or do you want more information about our plans? Sign up and get a trial week or get in touch with our support team.