The future is electric: New provider from the north brings high-performance e-bike on a flexible subscription basis

Dutch e-bike company Noord I e-bike to go expands e-bike subscription to major German cities.

Amsterdam/ Berlin, 25.10.2022 – The increase in electrically powered bicycles in everyday life is an expression of a growing awareness of climate change. More and more companies are aiming to decrease their carbon footprint and thus in particular their choice of means of transport they offer to their employees in favor of the environment. E-bikes are the most frequently asked benefit among employees. With an estimated growth potential of 50 percent, e-bikes are THE alternative to classic means of transportation in Germany. Since buying your own electric bike involves very high costs, e-bike subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular. This is because leasing an e-bike for a certain period of time is not only more affordable, but also offers far more flexibility.

How can the quality of life in the city be improved and the climate protected at the same time? The answer is provided by the Dutch market leader for e-bike subscriptions Noord I e-bike to go. The company has more than 7 years of experience in e-mobility and develops its own e-bikes. With the big goal of making sustainable transport available to all, Noord I e-bike to go invests 5 percent of its turnover in e-mobility research.

The Dutch market leader for e-bike subscriptions Noord I e-bike to go is now entering the German market: The flexible e-bike subscription for consumers and enterprises is now available in Berlin, Cologne and Düsseldorf. More than 10,000 cyclists are already using Noord to go to work and as an alternative to traditional means of transport. Reason enough to take a closer look at the company.

Noord I e-bike to go is one of the 20 fastest growing companies in the Netherlands and has more than 7 years of experience in e-mobility. With the big goal of making sustainable transport available to all, Noord | e-bike to go invests 5 percent of its turnover in e-mobility research.

The Noord e-bike model was developed in 2021 with the intention of making life in and around the city better. On this basis, three internal specialists worked for a year on the future-proof, durable e-bike, which is not only user-friendly and safe, but also looks good. Only first-class materials are used, such as the powerful Shimano mid-motor, Ultragrip tires for better road control, front and rear brakes with ABS, and a built-in GPS for tracking. The significant design with the robust top tube is stylish, stable and clearly different from any other bike.

The e-bike subscription offers many more advantages for users in addition to the high-quality electric bicycle:

  • Monthly leasing plans for maximum flexibility.
  • Maintenance and swap service to stay mobile at all times.
  • Optional damage and theft coverage for carefree riding.
  • Free delivery to your doorstep at a convenient date and time.
  • Personal MyBike account to track e-bike location in real time, for easy appointment scheduling and contact with the support team.
  • Business customers can order up to 10 e-bike subscriptions online. Larger orders are handled personally by the account managers.

Noord’s e-bikes meet different purposes depending on their intended use: For example, they can be used as shared company bikes for trips between appointments and locations. In addition, they are an environmentally conscious alternative to leased cars for employees. And in the leisure industry, they complement the service offer for guests as hotel bicycles or can be used as last-mile solutions for public transport companies and businesses.

Although the demand for alternative ways of transportation is also increasing in Germany, there are no high-end e-bike leasing plans similar to Noord I e-bike to go. Johan de Kool, CEO of Noord I e-bike to go about entering the German market:

“The popularity of e-bikes is rapidly growing, especially in and around big cities. More and more people choose this sustainable way of transportation over a car. Not only the lack of parking spaces in the city center, but also the flexibility and numerous health benefits of cycling make an e-bike an excellent alternative. We developed a bike that is solid and ensures a great and comfortable riding experience. Our flexible plans, including services, maintenance and delivery, make Noord the perfect solution for anyone who wants to switch to durable and carefree form of transportation.”

Noord will initially offer its services in Berlin, Cologne and Düsseldorf. The aim is to grow and soon expand the service to other cities in the north and south of Germany, such as Hamburg and Munich. Further expansions to the UK and Italy are planned for the future.