Riding your (e-)bike to work? These are the 7 best advantages

Despite the fact that biking is super accessible, we often tend to commute to work by car or public transport. Maybe the weather is a little poor, you are in a rush or just don’t feel like biking today – we get it. But, cycling has more advantages than you may think. After reading this blog we bet you are going to ride your bike to the office more often. Let’s go!

A fresh start of your day

Sometimes you don’t wake up as fit and fresh as you hoped. Maybe you had a bad sleep, worked until late or had a few more drinks than planned during dinner. Don’t worry, we have all been there. On those precise mornings, it is a really good idea to take your bike or e-bike to work. The combination of moving your body and fresh outdoor air has miraculous benefits. We promise your mood will be lifted after a ride on your bike.

Higher energy level

Want to be more productive at work? Finally completing that to-do list? Ride your bike more often! Moving and exercising boosts your energy level, which makes you feel less tired. The more energy you have, the more work you get done. A win-win situation!

Cycling is healthy

We all know that exercising has great benefits for your body and mind. But because of your busy schedules, we tend to move and work out less than we actually want to. Riding your bike to work is the ideal way to workout on a packed day, without losing too much time. Those minutes you would be stuck in a traffic jam are now used way better. Which brings us directly to our next point.

Ahead of the curve

Say bye to traffic jams! Queuing will become a thing of the past if you cycle to work. Especially in the city, traveling by bike is often way faster than going to work by car. This saves you a lot of time, which you can spend on a thousand other things that are way more fun.

No parking hassle

Besides saving you from traffic jams, your bike is also way easier to park than your car. On top of that, parking your bike will cost you nothing, nada, zilch! This cost savings can be spent on cool accessories for your Noord, for example.

Reduced CO2 emissions

Not only is cycling profitable for your health, it is also better for the environment. Did you know that you reduce CO2 emissions by 97% when you ride an e-bike instead of a car to work? And we did not even bring up those rising gas prices. Enough reasons to cycle to work more often, right?

Long distance commuting? Get an e-bike to travel further!

Even when your office is a couple of kilometers away, cycling is a perfect way to commute. You can easily cycle 20 kilometers within one hour with an e-bike. Whoever said commuting was not fun probably never owned a Noord e-bike.

Try riding the Noord to work

Are you convinced and ready to ride your bike to the office more often? Start your Noord trial and discover the advantages yourself! You can try the e-bike for one week without obligations. As an employer who makes the Noord available for employees, you only pay an addition of 7%!