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Can I try the Noord?
Yes, of course! Everyone can try the e-bike the Noord for one week without obligation. Is it not for you after all? Simply cancel your subscription within one week via your MyBike account, hand in your e-bike at a servicepoint or let us pick it up at your home. We will refund your money as soon as possible and you only pay for possible delivery costs.
When does my subscription start?
Your subscription starts on the day you receive your e-bike. When you sign up through the website you only pay for the first term (which is one week). One week after you’ve received your bike, you pay for the second term.
Can I ride an unlimited amount of kilometers?
Definitely yes. So if you like to bike across the country every single day, go for it!
How do I start my e-bike membership?
You sign up by filling in the registration form on our website. Right after we receive your application, our team will contact you to plan a delivery moment or a pick-up time. You can take your new bike for a ride in no time!
How much does a Noord subscription cost?
Our subscriptions start from €21,50 a week. For €27,50 a week, your subscription includes 100% damage and 80% theft coverage. The value of the bike is €3.500, but it’s not for sale.
What is the cancellation period?
Our flexible subscription comes with a one month cancellation period. We start counting once you’ve completed the cancellation form within your personal MyBike account. After cancellation you only pay for one more month and you can still use your bike for that period. We told you we are flexible! Do you have a one year subscription? Then you can cancel your subscription monthly after the first year.
I canceled my subscription. What happens next?
If you’ve canceled your subscription, you’ll receive a confirmation email within a few days. We will let you know when and how you can return your e-bike.
Do you deliver near me?
We deliver throughout the Netherlands and Belgium and are opening new service points in multiple cities. Curious about the closest service point? Check our locations at the bottom of this page.
Can someone else receive, pick-up or return the e-bike for me?
Yes, that is fine. Just make sure that person has a copy of your identification card or passport with them.
What is the MyBike dashboard?
In the MyBike account you have all the details about your subscription in one place. Here you can make appointments, track the location of your bike and check your invoices.
My bike has been stolen, what now?
We are sorry to hear that. Let us know the bike is stolen asap by clicking on the red report theft button. Our bike recovery team will go after the bike right away. We’ll also contact you to help you through the process.
How can I make an appointment to pick up, swap or return the e-bike?
You can make an appointment in your personal MyBike account. You’ll receive an email with instructions on how to swap or return your e-bike.
Where can I view my invoices?
All of your invoices are gathered in your personal MyBike account, so you can always view them.
My e-bike is damaged. What now?
Sorry to hear that. Please fill in the damage form on your MyBike account and we’ll contact you to swap your e-bike. So you can get on the road again!
What can I do to prevent theft?
We strongly advise you to use two locks and fasten your padlock to another object. Don’t forget to take out your key and battery. In this way, you protect your ride.
What is the frame height?
The frame height of the Noord is 88 cm, which comes down to 34,6 inches.
Does the e-bike has GPS?
Ofcourse! The Noord is equipped with built-in GPS, so you can always check the location of your bike in your MyBike account. Nope, your e-bike gets no privacy.
Is it possible to place a crate on my e-bike?
Yes, that’s possible! In our webshop you’ll find crates which are designed for the Noord e-bike. Very handy if you have a big bag, just bought groceries or want to bring your dog with you.
Can I place a child seat on the e-bike?
Yes, the e-bike fits a child seat on the back. You can order the Yepp child seat on our website, that fits perfectly. This seat has a 5-point seat belt and can carry up to 22 kilograms.
How long does it take to charge my battery?
The battery is 80% charged within 3 hours. If you use average pedal assistance, you can ride approximately 70 kilometers with this. Charging from 0 to 100% takes about 4 hours.
How fast is the e-bike?
25 km per hour. This is the maximum speed allowed for e-bikes in The Netherlands and Belgium.
How far can I cycle with a charged battery?
That depends on the pedal assist you use. If you opt for the eco range, you can cycle up to 110 kilometers. That’s quite a ride! If you choose the highest range, you can cycle up to 50 km with a fully charged battery.
Is the battery removable?
Yes, the battery is removable from the frame. The battery can be charged both in the bicycle and separately.

Get started

This video explains how to turn on the bike, how to change the electric assistance, the range of each support level and how to use the bike computer.

Safety & speed

This video explains how to use the two handbrakes, how to double lock the bike, how to change the gears and what to do when an error occurs.

Charging the bike

This video explains how to charge your battery (in and outside the bike), how to take the battery out of the frame and how to use the adapter

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