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You can unsubscribe anytime you like. Because the subscription is monthly cancellable, you’re not stuck stuck to long term contracts. From the moment you cancel, you will continue to pay for 1 last month.
Choose a subscription with damage insurance and ride around carefree. This way, all damage is covered and we ensure that you’ll receive a different e-bike asap. The built-in GPS and double lock make the bike theft proof. However, with our theft insurance included in your subscription, you have no worries at all. In case of theft, we charge a small deductible of €350 for the bike and/or battery (90% coverage). Without insurance 70% of the value of the e-bike is covered.
Yes. At Noord you can save up towards your own e-bike. Every month that you are a member, you’ll receive € 10 Noord credits. So the longer you are a member, the more credits you save. You can use the credit as a discount on a new or refurbished e-bike in our webshop. Calculate your price here.


Can I try the Noord?
Yes! Everyone can try the e-bike for one week without obligation. Sign up for a trial week and test it out. Not for you? Cancel your subscription in your MyBike account within the first week. Hand in your e-bike and get your subscription money refunded.
When does my subscription start?
Sign up on our website and make the first payment. Our team will then contact you to schedule a pick-up or delivery date for the e-bike. Your subscription only starts on the day you receive the e-bike. So you pay the second time one week after you’ve received the bike.
How do I save for an e-bike?
Every month that you are a member, you will receive €10 Noord credits. So the longer you are a member, the more credits you build up. You can use them as a discount on a new or refurbished e-bike from our webshop.
How do I order a Noord e-bike?
Very easily via the registration form on our website. We will ensure that you are riding around on your e-bike in no time. Check the current delivery time on the subscription form. You can also choose the option to pick up your bike directly from our pick-up point in Amsterdam.
How much does a Noord subscription cost?
You can take out a Noord subscription from € 21.50 per week. For € 27.50 per week, your subscription includes damage and theft insurance. The Noord e-bike is also for sale in our webshop. You can buy a brand new Noord e-bike for € 3,500.
What is the notice period?
You can cancel the subscription whenever you want. After cancellation you continue to pay for one last month.
Do you deliver near me?
We deliver throughout the Netherlands and have pick-up locations in 6 cities (see locations at the bottom of the page). When registering, you choose whether you want to pick up the e-bike or have it delivered to your home.
Can I buy a Noord e-bike?
Yes, that’s possible. For €3,500 you have a brand new Noord e-bike. We also sell refurbished e-bikes for a lower price. These are used e-bikes that have been well maintained by our mechanics. They have been completely checked by our team and still work perfectly.
What is the advantage of buying?
You want to buy a Noord? Good choice! When you buy an e-bike from our webshop, you always receive a 2-year warranty – this applies to both new and refurbished e-bikes. You also get a personal MyBike environment with which you always have insight into where your e-bike is located.
When will I receive the e-bike?
When you order an e-bike from our webshop, you’ll receive it at home within 1 to 2 weeks. We deliver free throughout the Netherlands.
What is a refurbished e-bike?
Refurbished e-bikes have been used for rental and have become available to purchase. They have always been well maintained by our technicians, and are thoroughly checked before they are available to buy.
Is the e-bike for sale on installment?
Yes, you can buy the Noord in three monthly terms.
My bike has been stolen, what now?
That’s a bummer! Fill in the theft form on your MyBike account. From then on we will guide you through the process.
Where can I view my invoices?
On your personal MyBike dashboard. Register via the menu on the website; so you always have insight into all your invoices.
How can I make an appointment to pick up, swap or return the e-bike?
Go to your personal MyBike dashboard in order to make an appointment.
I have damage. What now?
Fill in the damage form on your MyBike account. The rest speaks for itself.
Does the e-bike has GPS?
Hell yes! The Noord is equipped with built-in GPS. In this way you always know where your e-bike is, super handy! You can view the location via your MyBike account.
Is it possible to place a crate on my e-bike?
Yes, that’s possible! Our crates are developed for the Noord e-bike. You can find the Noord crates in our webshop.
Can I place a child seat on the e-bike?
Yes, you can do that on the back. The Yepp child seats fit perfectly on the Noord, you can buy them via our webshop.
How long does it take to charge my battery?
The battery is 80% charged within 3 hours. The total 100% takes about 4 hours.
How fast is the e-bike?
25 km per hour. This is also the maximum speed allowed for e-bikes in The Netherlands.
How far can I cycle with a charged battery?
That depends on the pedal support you use. If you opt for the eco range, you can cycle up to 150 kilometers. If you choose the highest range, you can cycle up to 50 km.
Is the battery removable?
Yes, the battery is in the frame but can be removed from the bottom. The battery can be charged both in the bicycle and separately.

Get started

This video explains how to turn on the bike, how to change the electric assistance, the range of each support level and how to use the bike computer.

Safety & speed

This video explains how to use the two handbrakes, how to double lock the bike, how to change the gears and what to do when an error occurs.

Charging the bike

This video explains how to charge your battery (in and outside the bike), how to take the battery out of the frame and how to use the adapter

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