Many options, no obligations: The Dutch Noord e-bike subscription brings more sustainability to German roads

Amsterdam/ Berlin, 25.10.2022 – Sustainability has become an integral part of our lives. Especially the field of e-mobility offers a lot of potential to save large amounts of CO2. For example, the increase in electrically powered bicycles in everyday life is an expression of a growing awareness of climate change. More and more people are questioning their lifestyle and thus in particular their choice of means of transport in favour of the environment. An e-bike subscription can be a suitable option. Leasing an e-bike for a certain period of time is much more affordable and offers more flexibility than buying your own e-bike.

The Dutch company Noord I e-bike to go is now entering the German market: As of now, the high-quality electric bikes can also be booked on a subscription basis in Cologne, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Reason enough to take a closer look at the company.

How can the quality of life in the city be improved and the climate protected at the same time? The answer is provided by the Dutch market leader for e-bike subscriptions Noord I e-bike to go. The company has more than 7 years of experience in e-mobility and develops its own e-bikes. With the big goal of making sustainable transport available to all, Noord I e-bike to go invests 5 percent of its turnover in e-mobility research.

Lease vs. own – These are the advantages of the Noord e-bike subscription

The concept of the Noord I e-bike to go subscription combines many advantages that are especially tailored to the urban lifestyle. Rapidly changing needs and circumstances require flexible use of electric bikes. The Noord e-bike scores with high quality, durability, user-friendliness and safety. Another benefit: the subscription model includes regular maintenance, damage and theft coverage as well as repair. Last but not least: its stylish appearance, which fits perfectly into the urban flair. In combination with the flexible subscription service, the e-bike adapts to every situation in life.

A survey by the market research institute Appinio from Hamburg shows how popular leasing has become: one in two of the 1,000 respondents is interested in using e-bikes on a subscription basis, and the trend is still rising*.

With its innovative e-bike leasing offer, Noord meets the growing demand in this country for alternative means of transport. Johan de Kool, CEO of Noord I e-bike to go, on entering the German market: “Not only the lack of parking spaces in city centres, but also the flexibility and numerous health benefits of cycling make an e-bike an excellent alternative. We have developed a bike that is solid and guarantees a great and comfortable riding experience. Our flexible plans, including service, maintenance and delivery, make Noord the perfect solution for anyone looking to switch to a durable and worry-free mode of transport.”

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A short How-To: This is how the e-bike subscription works

The leasing concept of Noord I e-bike to go is characterised by its simple handling and is aimed at consumers and enterprises. All you need to do to register for an e-bike subscription is the following:

Step 1: Register via the following website link. The desired e-bike will then be planned and delivered to your doorstep.

Step 2: Then there is the option to start a trial week: the e-bike can be tested for one week without any further conditions.

Step 3: After the trial week, users can take out a subscription. The Noord leasing plan is not tied to a contract and has no hidden costs. Options include a six-month subscription starting at €21.50 per week or a flex subscription starting at €23.50 per week. Both subscriptions include an e-bike with the latest features, a maintenance and exchange service, free home delivery and useful features through the MyBike account. Optional are damage and theft coverage.

In addition to Cologne, Berlin and Düsseldorf, Noord plans to expand its subscription service to northern and southern Germany, such as Hamburg and Munich, to serve the whole of the German market. In addition, Noord’s leasing concept on the European market is to be extended to Great Britain and Italy. In this way, the Dutch company is pursuing its goal of driving the large-scale expansion of sustainable mobility.