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New: 100% damage coverage with all leasing plans

This year, we are challenging ourselves to ensure our clients a worry-free ride every single day. In order to achieve that goal, we have to do more than just offering them a high-performance e-bike. Our clients should always be able to rely on us and feel like we take care of them, especially in the case of damages and theft.

For this reason, we have decided to include damage coverage in all our subscriptions. This means that as a Noord rider, you will always be 100% covered for damages and won’t face any unexpected costs.

Johan van Vemde, COO at Noord: “Most e-bike suppliers charge repairs separately. This can quickly add up in costs, while you as a user might not have influence on it. By offering full damage coverage, you know exactly where you’re at.” a

What does this mean for existing customers?

The short answer: there will be no changes. If you currently have a subscription without damage coverage, both the terms and the price of your subscription will remain the same. If you prefer to be covered for damages and theft, you can easily upgrade your e-bike subscription to a plan that includes damage and theft coverage. You can arrange this yourself in your MyBike account.

Building a future-proof service together

Johan: “This year, we are working extra hard to further improve our service. In fact, we have made it one of our key priorities for 2023! Modifying the subscriptions is a first concrete step towards this goal, but certainly not the last. We will continue to work on optimizations and are always open to feedback from our riders. Because offering the best possible service also requires listening to their needs and wishes.”


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