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E-bikes are a solution for anyone who wants to commute to and from work in a sustainable way.
With an electric bike, you won’t be stuck in traffic, you’ll save a lot on fuel costs, and your travel will be nearly CO2 neutral.
Additionally, having a company bike is a coveted secondary employment benefit. For bpost, the largest postal company
in Belgium, there are plenty of reasons to initiate a bike plan through Noord.

Rising Fuel Prices

“With the increase in fuel prices, we were looking for alternative transportation methods
for our employees,” says Rudi Gijsen, Manager of Events & Employee Benefits at bpost. “We were already familiar with
Noord and engaged in discussions about the possibilities. They turned out to be particularly interesting.”

Tax Benefits

For a long time, there was no option in Belgium for individuals to rent an e-bike,
but this was possible for businesses through Noord. Noord had thereby secured a unique position in the Belgian mobility market.
Furthermore, business leasing is financially attractive for both the employer and the employee. The employer determines
how much they contribute (tax-free), and their costs are fully deductible. A bike plan can also be combined with mileage reimbursement.
If the employee covers the lease costs (partially) themselves, they can fully offset the costs against their gross salary.
This approach appealed to the bpost employees. Rudi Gijsen: “A significant portion of our employees now use the bike plan through Noord.
They cycle to the office daily and thus enjoy all the benefits that an e-bike offers, without having to make a large upfront investment.”

Future Plans

Rudi hopes that bpost and Noord will continue to collaborate for a long time. “The e-bike is not only a great
alternative to high fuel prices. By choosing to cycle more often, we engage in more physical activity, contributing to better health.”
“Purchasing an e-bike wasn’t within my budget. However, by leasing a Noord e-bike through my employer, I can leave my car parked more often and take advantage of financial benefits.”

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