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With e-bike to go for business, we’re delighted to assist companies in getting started – quite literally. Our e-bikes can provide a solution for various issues or questions. Ton Breeuwer, Manager of Policy and Innovation at UWV, also experienced this. Currently, approximately 60 of our e-bikes are in use, and in this case study, Ton Breeuwer explains how e-bike to go has become a part of UWV.

“There are more parties in the market, but the formula and national coverage of Noord | e-bike to go really appealed to us.”

Everything in consultation

Collaboration has always played a significant role: discussions led to finding the best formula for e-biking. “Initially, we worked with an hourly rate, but this became complex regarding registration,” Ton explains. “Ultimately, we settled on a fixed all-in monthly price.” He also views e-bike to go as a mobility partner: “We’re highly content with this partnership. Communication has always been open and transparent, and there’s plenty of room for valuable discussions about product enhancement.”

From company car to e-bike

Ton Breeuwer says, “Around five years ago, I came across a post on LinkedIn by Jelle Visser: Can the e-bike replace the company car in an urban setting? He was looking for testing locations, and that’s when I invited Jelle to share his story. With over 60 properties and 20,000 employees, we might be able to collaborate, as the e-bike aligned with UWV’s sustainability plan.” And so it happened: e-bike to go provided a solution for UWV’s e-bikes that needed replacing, and together, they worked on a business model to encourage e-bike usage. Currently, the 60+ e-bikes are used to travel from location to location or for commuting.

And what do the employees think?

Especially around four years ago, when it was still quite innovative for a company to deploy e-bikes, Ton received a lot of positive feedback. “Colleagues were pleased with this step, and the e-bikes are used as alternatives to things like scooters or cars,” he explains. “Having one or two bikes at each property is helpful, as they significantly improve mobility around the properties. This adds a lot of convenience – and with their stylish appearance, they’re very much in line with current trends.”

Ton Breeuwer

Manager of Policy and Innovation

Case bpost

Tue 1 Nov

Case bpost
Case Nederlandse Spoorwegen

Tue 1 Nov

Case Nederlandse Spoorwegen

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