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You’ve probably noticed that colder days are on its way again. Fortunately, you already own the best e-bike to brave this weather. But to assure you the safest ride we have listed some tips & tricks for riding in the winter.

Tip 1: keep the brakes and gears in top condition

Normally our motto is: the faster the better, except when it’s freezing. The brakes can freeze and the gears don’t like the cold that much either. Check whether the hand brakes are working before you get on the e-bike. Do they seem frozen? Then you can thaw them by treating the brake cables with antifreeze spray or warm water. Better safe than sorry! In winter it’s best to park your bike in a warm and dry place and have the parts lubricated regularly. No place to park your e-bike inside? Don’t worry! Give your e-bike a few minutes to defrost and the gears will work as usual.

Tip 2: keep the battery warm

If the temperatures are below zero, the range of the battery can decrease. Why? The energy flows through the system less easily, so that the range is temporarily lower. No worries, this effect is only temporary. As soon as the temperature rises, your battery is completely back to normal again. It is wise though not to leave your e-bike in the cold with an empty battery. So give your battery some love and take it inside with you. This way, the range remains higher and charging is faster so that you are back on your Noord e-bike in no time!

Tip 3: SOS team Noord!

The perk of renting at Noord e-bikes is that you ride around carefree. If something breaks, we’ll fix it for you. Any problem big or small, we’ve got you covered! If something is wrong with your electric bicycle, don’t hesitate and make an appointment via your personal MyBike page and we will exchange your e-bike for a new one in no-time!


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