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Over the last couple of years, e-bikes have enjoyed more and more popularity. Call us biased, but we think that is only logical. Besides the fact that cycling has a lot of health benefits and electric bikes create more space in the city, riding a bike is also financially appealing and eco-friendly. Curious about the benefits of an e-bike in terms of time, money and CO2 reduction? Find out in this blog!

1. Save time by riding an e-bike to work

No more traffic jams, wasting time on finding a parking space or being delayed by a bus. With an electric bike, you start your day in a relaxed and healthy way. Destinations that would otherwise be too far away to cycle to, are now within reach. And even when you ride out into a strong headwind, you don’t have to worry about showing up sweaty. Nothing but advantages here.

2. Reduce CO2 emissions with an e-bike

We all know that we need to reduce our carbon footprint drastically to combat global warming. An accessible way to do so is by riding an electric bike more often. If you drive 10 kilometers (round trip) by car, 4 times a week, 40 weeks a year, your average CO2 emission will be 66 kilos per month. It takes about 32 trees to compensate for this amount. Do the same commute by e-bike, and you only emit 6 kilograms of carbon dioxide. This means an electric bike reduces your CO2 emissions by 91%! Even if you travel by electrical scooter, electrical car or bus, your average CO2 emission will be much higher compared to an e-bike. On the website of Milieu Centraal you find the average CO2 emissions per vehicle.

3. Save money by riding an e-bike

Besides the fact that an e-bike saves you time and reduces your carbon footprint, it also saves you a lot of money. How much an electric bike saves you per kilometer, compared to a car, depends on a couple of factors. For example, the fuel efficiency of your car and the amount of pedal assistance you use while cycling. To give you an example, we created a sample calculation in which we compare the costs of an e-bike to the costs of a petrol car. At this moment, 1000 Wh of electricity costs €0,89. The battery of the Noord has a capacity of 500 Wh, which means fully charging it costs you about 45 cents. With a fully charged battery you can travel 70 kilometers – if you use regular pedal assistance. Are you biking in eco-mode? Then you can travel up to 110 kilometers on one battery. An average petrol car runs 1 in 15, which means you need 4.6 liters of petrol to drive 70 kilometers. This costs you at least €8,70. And this amount does not include parking costs, taxes and insurance. One thing is for sure: an e-bike saves you a lot of money per kilometer.

Your bike to work? Get kilometer allowance

If you ride your bike to work, your employer may choose to provide you with a kilometer allowance (max. €0,19 per kilometer in the Netherlands). Although this is not legally obliged, it does fit with a modern and sustainable company policy. This way, changing your car commute to a bike ride is even more appealing. Think about it next time you have a chat with your employer! Are you, as an employer, interested in leasing e-bikes for your staff? Go to our business page to learn more about our tailored business plans. Find out how much you can save with an e-bike Do you want to know how much carbon you can save by riding an electric bike? Use our calculator to find out!


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